jamie joseph

i lovelovelove jamie joseph rings!  i have a turquoise one that i wear often, and i covet many more!
if you are in downtown seattle tomorrow, swing by and check out these beauties.


what happens in alta...

nicola's bachelorette weekend was so much fun!  

we left seattle on friday afternoon, and it was on!  riding in tina's jeep "topless" was an adventure in itself!

 traveling smokey roads on our way to alta lake

 a quick stop in kitschy leavenworth, washington

the friday night shenanigans at alexa's cabin are probably better left undocumented.  let's just say that that libations, a certain voodoo doughnut and wrestling were involved.

tracy and i started saturday off with a paddle around the lake (thanks for the pic, tina!)

 saturday afternoon was all about the dock.  gorgeous, right?!

 swimming in the lake, mimosas, sunshine=heaven!


more hotties

 most of the girls left for a bike ride, i enjoyed some p&q on the dock

 daisy kept an eye on us all weekend

pre-dinner beverages

the gazebo was stunning!

 dinner by the lake

the best bachelorette party game- nic went home with a collection of new knickers

she even modeled the candy ones for us

sunday morning, we woke up to flames on the ridge, and a fire helicopter filling its bucket in the lake- scary and exciting

thanks nicola!  your friends are amazing and lake alta was lovely.  i hope you had a blast!


the real world

how funny is it that the real world is currently filming it's 28th season here?  i had no idea that this show was still in existence!
i don't even know the last time i watched MTV, but i might have to tune in to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real....in the pearl district.

bay area weekend

last weekend i traveled to the bay area to photograph an wedding with my friend katie.  it was a quick trip, but in addition to an 11-hour wedding shoot, i managed to squeeze in a few sights, some great meals, and lots of time with friends.
what a fabulous little getaway!

the view from the bride's suite at the fairmont hotel- wow!

wedding reception at the olympic club

brunch with friends in oakland

love the peek-a-boo transamerica tower

 lots of rides on BART

those californian's are such lushes

dinner and catch up with robin (and her fab new condo in oakland!)

drive-by shot of the grace cathedral

union square cablecar turnaround


oakland coliseum, from the bart stop

farewell, bay area!


back-to-school beauty

i didn't have the grades to go to stanford or the athleticism for UCLA, but my alma mater was just named one of the most beautiful schools in the nation by the princeton review.  i loved the years that i lived and learned at lewis and clark, and still try to get to campus whenever i can.  if you haven't ever been, you should head up the hill and go for a stroll- it's gorgeous!
congrats, LC!