if you know me, you probably know that i won't ever turn down a mimosa.  usually,  i prefer mine with fresh squeezed OJ and cheap champagne, but i am intrigued by the portability/convenience/novelty of these little cans.


the beautiful body book

i recently read about this book/kickstarter project, and it has been on my mind ever since.  there is so much pressure on women to look a certain way, and we are expected to return to that ideal after pregnancy and childbirth.  and while some people have the genes to look amazing in a bikini right after giving birth, most of us don't.
i love that jade beall was brave and bold enough to photograph herself and others in their perfectly imperfect post-pregnancy bodies.  bravo, ms. beall!



my partner-in-crime and i have been doin' what we do for ten (!) years now, and we celebrated the milestone with a getaway to one of our favorite cites.
the trip was amazing from start to finish!  
we went on an epic bikeride from fisherman's wharf, across the GG bridge, to sausalito...


on the bridge

looking back at the city

and hopped on a ferry back to the city...
bikes get on the boat first
alcatraz from the ferry

 fabulous views of coit tower

we ate and drank at some of the city's best, from famous food trucks to mission district hot spots.

nice buns!

 drag frida works the rooftop crowd at el techo de lolinda

blue bottle coffee at the ferry building (aka foodie heaven)

with our muni passes in hand, we walked and rode all over the city...


more streetcars 

cable cars

more cable cars

(i'm obsessed with cable cars)

the chocoholic in me was thrilled to make a quick stop here...

beautiful architecture, scenery and public art every where we went...

union square

the SFMOMA is closed for renovations, but there are art installations around the city

we climbed the steps to visit coit tower...

and of course no getaway would be complete without some serious chillin' at a fancy hotel...

happy 10th dateaversary, babes!


water babies

have you seen these yet?  i don't drink their water, but i love their ad campaign!


all lit up

i have been looking up at a lame light fixture every night for the past two years, and finally my view has improved!  i love the dreamy star-shaped shadows that this west elm light casts on my ceiling- now i actually want to have an overhead light on!