totally bonded

maybe bond is in my blood. 
my parents talk about seeing from russia with love on one of their first dates in the early sixties,  and i grew up watching roger moore play the role.  i love the action, the cars, the gadgets and the glamor that is bond.  
besides that i think daniel craig is fabulous, i really, really loved skyfall.  it is well acted, layered and has been stripped of much of the showy-cheesy stuff that other films in the bond empire have relied heavily upon.  the locations are beautiful, the cinematography is spot-on, and javier bardem is incredible.
if you can get out and see it, you won't be disappointed!

who's your man?


trigger happy

we just tried this new nopo spot, and damn, i love this place

they have an jalapeno margarita that doesn't mess around,
queso dip for their house-made tortilla chips,
big servings, good vibe, and souvenir postcards.



hop in the saddle

a friend of mine just published her first book!  i am beyond thrilled for her.  
we attended the (packed!) release party last night.  congrats, lucy!!!

 the scene at velocult

 the authors getting interviewed by local media

read about her book here!


jonathan adler in my bedroom

portrait found here

i have been absolutely dying to get to the new jonathan adler store that opened here a couple months ago, and i finally made it there this weekend.  for someone who has lusted after pretty much everything on JA's website for a long time, it was incredible to see it all in one place.  i seriously think i touched everything in the store, just because i could!

 i have been in LOVE his needlepoint pillows for a long time!

quote on the wall of the JA store

new JA flair in my bedroom!


sad news for stumptown

the best thing about the  hawthorne bridge has always been the street performer who sits on the east side and entertains drivers as they wait to drive across.  i was sad to hear that this man who was such a delightful fixture of our quirky city has passed.  i didn't know that his name was kirk reeves until i read about his death, but his message of music and happiness was known to many.
i had the pleasure of photographing him at a unique portland wedding earlier this fall.  the groom had hired kirk to come do a surprise performance for his bride.  kirk did some magic tricks, acted out a marriage skit with puppets, got the couple involved with his signature expandable globe toy, and then got out his trumpet and played a version of "somwhere over the rainbow" that brought tears to my eyes.
rest in peace, kirk.
portland misses you already.


art in my inbox

 a watercolor map of portland was today's selection- imagine that!

 i wish i got out to galleries and museums more often, but i still get my weekly new-art fix with 20x200.  a few years ago a friend in seattle told me about this site, and i have been subscribing to their emails ever since.  i think it is a great idea, and i love seeing new artists' work that i wouldn't other wise know of.

i thought this print by helena wurzel was intriguing


get out and vote!

it is really convenient to vote by mail in my great state of oregon (though it is not quite as exciting as going to the polls on election day), but no matter how you do it, get out and vote!


pillow talk

summer is my favorite season, but when it is over, and the rainy crafting season is upon us, i am pretty excited about all of the projects i can do inside. 
i made this little reversible pillow for a pregnant friend who is working on a gray and orange nursery for her baby boy.  i love how it turned out, and went on to make new throw pillows for my kiddos, too!