swiftly, swiftly

i have lived in portland for as long as the swifts have been visiting this chimney at chapman school, but somehow i hadn't ever seen their amazing show until now.
watching thousands of these birds swirl and fly in their high-speed formation is truly beautiful.
more about these little birdies here.
thanks, nature!  



this summer has been a busy one, and somehow my incredible trip to chicago a few weeks back got lost in the shuffle.  it was just too good- i have to post about it!  better late than never, right?!
here goes:

my sister and her beau had a lovely little wedding shower

 we went here
 and saw some art


 i had to stop by and see the bean

fun sculpture in millenium park

 i rode buses and the el all over town

 we ate at some amazing places, this one belongs to a celebrity chef that i love

 we drank at some amazing places.  and when i say "drank" i mean imbibed.  because the drinks that are served at this place are the definition of elevated.

this dark photo of a coffee table full of cocktails doesn't begin to do justice to this place

 super fun new hang out in my sister's 'hood

 new beverages to try

thanks FLW, your work and life are an inspiration.