toddler tech

the cover story of this month's atlantic is thought provoking, informative and (i think) a must-read for anyone who lives with technology and kiddos.
i devoured it the day it hit our mailbox, and have been thinking about it ever since...



in my spare time, i've been jetting over to amsterdam to work on some guerrilla marketing with portland sunshine.


ava gene's

move this restaurant  to the top of your "places to eat in portland" queue.
it was the. best. food.  i have eaten in a very long time, and the space is impeccable- think tons of marble, custom leather everything (the banquette, bar stools and water carafes are all decked out in crimson leather), and perfect service.

 the orecchiette was a highlight of the meal, but everything we ate was fabulous, from the pane pancetta with leeks and butter at the beginning, to the panna cotta with pine cone syrup at the end.  wow.

i can't wait to go back to ava gene's!


curves ahead

these curvy mannequins make so much more sense to me than the size 4 skinnies in most store windows.  nice work, h & m!


haywire (aka, this girl is badass)

i just watched the steven soderbergh film haywire, and i can't stop thinking about what a badass gina carano is!  beyond that she is beautiful, and a decent actress, she is a real-life fitness guru and mixed martial arts fighter.  and she does her own stunts in the film.  for reals.