the honest toddler

how have i never mentioned the honest toddler?  the rants/observations from "a toddler's perspective" consistently crack me up.  seriously, this shit is gold. 
the target bingo card just came out this week.  it is genius.  


dwell style

though i spend too much a lot of time shopping and browsing online, there is something so fun about opening the mailbox and finding a beautiful catalog waiting to be thumbed through.  today's mail brought me one of my favorites:  dwell is just the right mix of fantasy (as in i could never afford it!) and reality, and i love their aesthetic that pulls inspiration from so many different eras and places.
looking through this catalog was like a mini vacation to dream home land!


karaoke etiquette (and other concerns)

if you are looking for a serious, thought-provoking novel to add to your book list...this isn't it. 
i have been loving reading mindy kaling's funny observations, and i would highly recommend the book if you want a good laugh.  she is super relatable, and just really cool.  after i read her section on "karaoke etiquette" it was a done deal- i need to be friends with this girl!


bright spots on a gray day

these two teeny, tiny houses are just so adorable!  i love the idea of living in a very small, but well designed space.  and it wouldn't hurt if it was bright pink!


willamette cherry blossoms

 if you want to see nature at it's prettiest, perkiest, and most optimistic, hang out at portland's riverside cherry blossom grove on a sunny spring day.  this annual bloom-fest never fails to amaze me!