camp vibes

i like to go camping, but i'm not into the extreme stuff.  for me, it's car camping all the way, preferably with nice food, and a good dose of comfort thrown in.  our most recent trip got me thinking about all the cool, new stuff that's out there, that would make our camp vibes even more sweet.
here's my camp stuff wish list, in no particular order...

pretty much anything from the new evrgrn line at rei is awesome.  the eames-inspired camp rockers are my favorite.

and of course, there's portland's own poler.

how could sleeping in this tent not be fun? 
 the napsack put this company on the map, and i still think they're genius.  

snow peak makes the most design-y camp lanterns ever. 

and wouldn't a bamboo table make the campsite feel so much more feng shui?

and you've gotta have tunes.  the ipal holds top ranking in this category.

happy camping!


ten f-ing years

ten years is a milestone that deserves a celebration- at least that's how gtk and i feel. 
la fiesta de diez, aka #tenfuckingyears was how we did it up. 
take our back yard, add a taco bar from one of the most delish spots in town, tequila tasting (this turned out to be dangerous), gtk's epic margaritas, so many of our favorite people, AND a pinata, and this is what you get.

we had a blast!  gracias, amigos!



my partner-in-crime and i just celebrated our first milestone anniversary- ten is big, right?! 
well, we thought so, and besides a fabulous anniversary trip that we took earlier this year,

 we popped this incredibly delicious champagne that we've been saving since it was given to us on our wedding day,

 got anniversary tattoos (ten hearts, get it?!)

 rocked out with one of our favorite bands,

and celebrated with a backyard fiesta with our closest friends.

cheers to X!
and many more...