braids, braids, braids

it is so rad that braids are in right now.  i am loving all of the new, creative ways that they are being incorporated into high-fashion hair.  now if only i had a stylist on staff....


oscars countdown!

the oscars are this weekend!  how can you not love the gowns, the glamour, the pagentry, and all that talent in one room?  this year, i have seen more of the nominated films than usual, and i am even more excited to watch the show and see who wins.

pick your favorites here!


the end of wildwood

 when certain places close, it feels like then end of an era.  wildwood was one of those places for us.  my love and i had our first proper date there;  i introduced him to my parents there a few months later.  two years after we met, on the eve of our wedding, our closest friends and family joined us for our rehearsal dinner in one of the private dining rooms.  the restaurant made us a special menu with our names, the date, and a favorite quote at the top.  i know i've saved it somewhere...!
after hearing the news last week that wildwood would be closing, we had to go and have one last visit.

thank you for the delicious memories, wildwood!


sin city weekend

my love and i just got back from a mini-vacay in vegas!  we had the best time soaking up the sun, eating at amazing restaurants (heritage steak and bouchon being two of the most memorable), and living the good life at the vdara.  we walked the city in the warm weather by day, and night-lifed-it-up after dark. ahhhh...it was everything a weekend away should be!

sunshine and palm trees!  be still my beating heart!

the vdara hotel sets the bar high

grand-scale chinese new year decor in all of the casinos

and so much other visual stimulation in this crazy city...


some palace in "venice"

and, because obvs, the nightlife

the chandelier bar at the cosmopolitan

water wall at the aria



it's winter, it's okay that i've been staying in and (obsessively) watching scandal, right?