tory burch fall 13

summer is my favorite season, hands down, but seeing the new fall collections makes me excited for layers and tights and jewel tones and jackets.  if it was in the budget, i would wear pretty much everything in this collection!


i majored in foosball

once upon a time i was a college student.  i had no responsibilities and plenty of time for my self.  it was a beautifully indulgent time that i dream of to this day.  among other things, i spent a great deal of time (and got quite good at) playing foosball.
i totally want a foosball table of my own one day, and when this modern beauty popped up on fab today, i swooned.



 july 2008

five years ago today, my life changed in almost every imaginable way, when in the span of twenty minutes i became a mother of two.  parenthood can be crazy, but mostly i have loved the adventure of it all.  watching kids go from newborn little things to strong, smart, capable "big kids" is the most amazing thing i have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
here's to two wonderful people that have truly changed my life!


eight is great!

here's what we were doing eight years ago today.
happy 9th of july!




i wish i could say i just got back from a fabulous glamping getaway, but in reality, mine was the more traditional family-style camping trip.  there are however, a few things that i will be adding to my bins that i think will make our next adventure a bit more glamourous...

these plates from JA

and a handy-dandy (yet totes adorbs!) mini broom/dustpan