silly celine

this photo caught my eye the other day.  doesn't celine dion look funny edgey?
i would have loved to hear the pitch for this shot!
"so, after we get the bunny mask on you, you're going to jump over to the side, hold onto the net, and stand really wide so that we can get some nice contrast on the animals..."
the pants are just too bizarre- i had to know more about the designer.  turns out he is really into plushies.   and somehow i missed the whole collab with adidas.
i absolutely love clothes like this.  they aren't for me, but i am so entertained by seeing them on someone else!


fall feet

i am still savoring summer, but i've got one foot headed into fall...

booties and leopard print flats are ranking very high on my must have list right now...


summer bevvies

the dogwood-adorned painted bottle caught my eye

 i love the new hipster beer! 

in the summer, when it's hot outside, there is just something about a cold beer or a sweet, chilled glass of wine that feels so right.
my two new faves in those categories are  churchkey  pilsner and A to Z's riesling.  is it a coincidence that both products have amazing packaging?  or that they both have roots in oregon? 
well, that certainly doesn't hurt.
drink up!  summer waits for no one...


24 hours in seattle

last week my man and our youngest babe took a quickie trip to the emerald city.  we had work to do, but we also squeezed in lots of fun.

i walked from our hotel to one of my favorite seattle spots.

baby g and i had a coffee date

i ate marination.  hell yes!

see you soon, seattle!


GR!C, finally

summertime has been a huge distraction for me (who wants to be in an office editing photos when the weather is so awesome!?), but i am finally finishing the photos that i took when i was in chicago at the beginning of the season.  the first installment is from one of my favorite days of the trip- i accompanied my sister to girls rock! chicago, where she was teaching bass to a group of eight year old campers. if you want to see the images, i posted them here.
i was so impressed by the staff, the campers (girls ages 8-16) and the entire concept of a rock n' roll camp for girls, that i wanted to cry!  my four year old has already claimed, "i think i'll play the drums and cymbals!" when we talk about auntie lauren and this fabulous summer camp. 
girls DO rock!!


i'm gellin'

having my nails painted makes me feel so damn put together.  i love doing it myself, but after about 48 hours, my nails are already chip-tastic.  somehow, when the pros at the nail shop do it, the polish lasts a few days longer.
last weekend, for the first time ever, i tried gels.  i didn't really know what the process entailed, but basically, the manicurist paints your nails with a special type of polish, and after each coat you put your hand into a dryer that looks like a tiny tanning bed.
omg, one week later my nails still look perfect!  it's kind of miraculous, especially considering that i am washingdiaperinggardeningplayingcleaning all day long.  my job is not the easiest on the nails, you know?
i might not have picked such a crazy color if i had known how long it was going to last!


corazon is dead

i was in love with corazon at first sight.  it was new, beautiful, hip, and downtown.  and just a couple weeks ago, i finally made it there for margaritas and tapas with a friend.  it was delicious and affordable. be still my beating heart!
sad news in today's eater, though.
corazon no longer has a pulse.

hmmm...are those ombre chairs for sale?


spicy summer reading

i read a lot of respectable books, i do.   but it wouldn't be summer without a trashy book to read, right?  i found that i was grateful for the library's self check out system, and for the two other books that disguised this steamy piece of smut popular culture. 


fashion police

after going without for an entire year, we got cable tv just in time to watch the entire fifth season of mad men.  i have a love/hate relationship with tv, but there are a few shows that make me so happy that the squandered time seems justified.  
you know how people talk about "comic relief," and "laughter being the best medicine?"    my weekly dose fashion police  is just that.  the supporting cast and their fashion commentary is fabulous, but it is all about joan rivers.  i could die over her one liners, and i love how she says whatever the fuck she wants.  she is so wonderfully inappropriate! 
if you are a fan of hers, and you haven't yet seen the documentary a piece of work, go out and watch it. even if you find her humor offensive, it's hard to not respect how hard she works and what a pioneer of comedy she is.