"You know, I use organic products, but I get lasers. It's what makes life interesting, finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu."

i am a long time fan of GP.  and anyone who can find the balance between real life and the perfect world.

read the rest of the interview here


house of cards

my man and i have been watching this show for the past couple weeks, and it is amazing. 
i love hate am so intrigued by francis underwood (kevin spacey) and his stunning wife claire (robin penn).  this show is so smart and polished, i can't even stand it!


won't you be my neighbor?

every time a cool house in my 'hood comes on the market, i hope that someone fabulous will move in.
here's the latest listing- just a few doors down from us.


nailed it!

 metallic details over bright color? yes, please!

painted nails are the easiest way to get dressed up and accessorized, and besides, it is just so much fun!  i'm lovin' all of these paint jobs from the spring runway shows.  got the images and inspiration  here and here.


 the dark side at vera wang

simple two-tone

wild two-tone


shopping for motivation

i am currently testing a theory: 
does buying a bag full of new workout clothes inspire one to get off her ass to the gym more often?
i'll keep ya posted.


state of euphorbia

we have lived in this house for about two years now, and i am still working on making it my own.  the yard is no exception, and i am slowly taking out plants that don't do it for me, and adding in things that i love.  
i have been wanting some euphorbia in my life for a while now, and last week, i made it happen.  i love the bright, vibrant yellow-green of this particular variety, and i think it looks whimsical, like something out of a dr. suess book.  
with a name like "euphorbia,"  how could you go wrong?

 happy spring!