house of spirits

this video of my sister and her booze cracks me up. 
it also makes me really excited for my next trip to her house!


word to your mother

a big shout out to all the mamas in my life.  i know how hard you care, and how much you love, and i just wanted to tell you that i respect you so much.

i loved this mother's day quote from gp.  (i just can't get enough of her lately!) 

With each passing year, my understanding of what it means to be a mother deepens, gets challenged and teaches me more about myself and who I would like to be more than any other of life's circumstances. 

happy mother's day, friends!


all things gatsby


i recently (re)read f. scott fitzgerald's classic the great gatsby for our little book group, and i can't stop thinking about the fabulous glamour, the excess and the drama of it all.  

i think it's fair to say that i might be almost as obsessed with all things gatsby as much as her  

 and her

and them.

watch the trailer and get all excited for yourself! 


derby day

i don't know a thing about horse racing, and i've never been to a kentucky derby party before, but i absolutely loved being a part of the scene at portland meadows yesterday! it was a fabulous excuse to put on a dress and a silly hat and soak up the perfect weather whilst day-drinking with friends.  and really, who could ask for more?
our friend rebecca celebrates her birthday each year at derby time, and also happens to know more about horses than anyone i know.
bec, sorry your horse didn't win, but we had a great time anyway!