let's go blazers!

it was so much fun watching the blazers win earlier this week!   we had great seats, and we all had a blast drinking beers and cheering for our guys.  going to games is always a good time. 

my sister and her beau, in town from chicago

go blazers!!


christmas craftacular

well honestly, it wasn't really that craftacular. 
i had big plans and grand intentions (don't we all?), but in the end, i didn't get to the DIY advent calendars, or baking treats for all the neighbors, or the homemade gifts for friends, or the tree decorated exclusively with my own ornaments and garlands. 
but i did make a family set of stockings that i love, so it was a tiny bit crafty around here for a day or so.  i am really happy with how these turned out, and it was great to be able to include the kids in the design process, too. 
before i begin any project, i spend some time looking at pinterest.  ultimately, i found inspiration here.


 merry craftiness to all!


baby jack

one of my besties had her first baby today.  her birth was perfect, her baby is gorgeous.  i am so proud!  i got to hold baby jack when he was just a couple hours old, and it was the sweetest thing.

 congratulations, kate and chris!


emerald 17-5641

green has been my favorite color for-evah. 

the 'maids wore green for my wedding (thanks, ladies!) and i always have at least a couple rooms in our house painted in various shades of green. 

and check out my new coat! 
i am quite pleased that pantone chose emerald as the color of 2013.  i love that we are going to be seeing more green than ever in the new year!



today is the last repetitive numerical date for almost another century. the next time three numbers will align as they did on 9-9-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 will be on january 1, 2101.
kinda cool, right?
i thought so.


keep springfield weird!

have you seen this week's episode of the simpsons?!
 besides that the special guests were portland's celebrity darlings fred armisen and carrie brownstein, the episode was heavy with fabulous portland references. 

photo by this guy


it's craptacular!

this might not look like much to you, but it is kind of a big deal.  and i know that it's probably only exciting news for me (or any mama that shares a tiny bathroom with three little kids), but this is my blog, so i can post about what i want to, right?!

actually, it's what's missing from this photo that is what i am so excited about:
no more kiddie toilet seat!  to be more specific, no more gross kiddie toilet seat that i have to touch fifty times a day.  no more kiddie toilet seat that is on my bathroom floor, tripping me when i am half asleep.  no more kiddie toilet seat that doesn't really work that well anyway, no more kiddie pee on my toilet seat!

i wish i could say that i now have my very own bathroom (oh, a girl can dream!), but actually, i just discovered the best kiddie bathroom accessory ever:
TA DA! it's brilliant!  i seriously want to kiss whoever invented this thing.

ok, thanks for humoring me.  i promise not to write about toilet seats ever again.


an evening with mr. adler

you already know how excited i was that jonathan adler recently opened a store here in portland, but it gets even better:  last night JA was here in town signing his new book and i got to meet him and have him sign one of his iconic ceramic pieces.  can you say photo op?!  it was a great night of wine, shopping, visiting with friends, and of course, meeting a design legend!

party in the JA store

brownie party favors

i can't lie, i am squatting down so that i don't tower over him too much

i must have been good this year, because there's already a present under the tree for me!