i love freedom

i have been wanting to delve into jonathan franzen's newish novel for quite some time, and am finally going for it.  coming off of a trilogy of  "young adult" novels (the hunger games, obvs), my mind is a bit squishy, but i am ready!  i have read about 30 densely packed pages each night for the last two nights, and i am already in love with mr. franzen's meticulously-detailed-snarky-intellectual prose. 
i have so much respect for any person who is smart and persistent enough to write a novel.  and someone that can write as personally and powerfully as j-franz?  wow, i am in awe.  but don't hold your breath for my freedom review.  at 608 pages, it could be awhile before i finish...

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sheena said...

Did you like this? I read it a few months ago, but didn't see what all the fuss was about. Maybe I'm just on a different plane... :)