craft fair double header

today i got to peruse not one but TWO amazing craft fairs (and by craft fairs, i don't mean old ladies in christmas sweaters and reindeer statues made out of sticks). these two events hosted many of portland's coolest, most talented artisans and crafters, and i walked around in wide-eyed wonder taking in all the amazing creativity and ideas.
first i went to crafty wonderland, at the oregon convention center.  what the convention center lacked was atmosphere, but it made up for in sheer numbers- there were literally hundreds of local vendors, and pretty much everything i saw there was amazing!  i looked at every single booth, and left with a couple of precious little things that will soon now adorn my walls.

i loved this little squirrel/map/lemon decoupage, 
and now i get to look at it every day while i wait for the toast to pop up! 
ps- the map is of southern california's inland empire- a big selling point for me

after that i headed a few blocks over to the portland bazaar.  this event was all about the scene- as i walked up i saw a cluster of high-end food trucks- violetta seemed to be the most popular- and then i entered the bazaar through an unmarked door.  i didn't end up purchasing  anything at the portland bazaar, but i loved the concept and how the whole thing was set up.  a local distillery was sampling their wares, a band was all set up to perform, and people were hanging out, soaking it all in.  i love it!
i was so invigorated and inspired by my craft-fair-double-header afternoon, that i had to finally try the clementine candle.  it was so easy and so fun!  we all admired it as it burned on the dinner table tonight. 

there are so many more crafty projects that i cant wait to sink my teeth into!
more hours in the day, please!!

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