the day after breakfast

i don't often throw a party for myself, but this year it just felt right.  i wore a sparkly dress, rounded up some friends, and rented a room for all of us me to sing karaoke.  it was fun. 
the next morning, i was not feeling my best (ahem), so thank goodness that i got to lay around in a fancy hotel room until mid-morning, when it was time to make a plan for breakfast.  we decided on podnah's, a "new-to-me" restaurant, and my brunch there was the best thing that happened all day.
let me preface this by saying that i am hopelessly devoted to screen door.   it is so amazing, but also SO popular, and i was not in the condition to stand around  for an hour waiting for a table.  even though we lived across the street from the former location, i hadn't ever eaten at podnah's before.  i am not a big barbeque fan, so i guess i was just never that interested.
all that being said,  my brunch experience at podnah's was near perfect.  the food was great, with grits to rival screen door's and a biscuit that beats pine state hands down.  i definitely want to go back and try some of their breakfast tacos and house made sausage.
after a big plate of southern food, i was ready to go home, see my babies and hang the sparkly dress up for another year.
it was definitely a complete birthday experience- thanks friends and family for helping to make it happen. love you!
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