did you watch the Superbowl yesterday?  i didn't, but i did watch Friday Night Lights, does that count?  (and if you did see the superbowl, then you probably caught a glimpse of FNL's hottest commodity, taylor kitsch, as he has two new movies coming out whose trailers were both featured ads during the big game.)
anyway, i just wanted to fess up that i have been watching A LOT of friday night lights lately.  i am nearly done with season two and i just cant get enough of this show! 
i also wanted to fess up that i have googled "i love tim riggins."


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I love friday night lights! And am sad I've already seen it all!! It stays good all 5 seasons, which is so rare in a tv show these days.

lauren viera said...

welcome to my world.
sadly, we are wrapping up season 5...savor #33!