top chef portland

these ladies don't cook on the show...or do they?!

we don't have cable television, and that is usually not a huge deal (except for days like tomorrow when i won't be able to watch the oscars red carpet from the comfort of my couch- sad!).  we do, however, pay to download the occasional must-see shows, and top chef is one of those.   
so as of this week, only two chefs remain in the competition,  and it has been such fun to watch the final group compete in vancouver and whistler after most of the season was shot in texas.  
i was really excited when i heard that my fair city of portland was a frontrunner for the next season of top chef, but now it sounds like it will probably go to boston next.  oh well. either way, we'll be watching!
my top chef made me the perfect medium rare burger & yam "fries" last night- yum!

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rachel ullrich said...

That burger looks great. But otherwise, Padma better watch out before she ends upo with Madonna arms! Yikes!