we are lovely

i started reading birth stories years ago, and i love how each woman's experience is so unique and personal.  when i was pregnant with my twins, i especially wanted to hear from mothers of multiples, but i continued to devour any and every birth story i could get my eyes on. 
after my babies were born, i knew that  it was important for me to jot down the details from their birth-day, before the specifics of the day turned fuzzy.  when i was pregnant with my third baby, i started reading other women's birth stories again.  i was hoping to labor and deliver drug-free, and i felt calmed and encouraged by the tales of so many women who had done the same before me. 
even now when i probably won't ever be pregnant or give birth again, i still like to read birth stories.  no matter how the story unfolds, they are always so beautiful and so heroic.  bringing a child into the world is an amazing feat!
a little while back i submitted the story of my first birth experience to a new blog called we are lovely,  and today it appeared on their site.  it is really just the same story that i posted on my baby blog a few days after my twins were born, but it was fun for me to think that a few people might enjoy reading it again.

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