have you seen this week's mad men yet?  i just watched it last night, and it was a really good one- definitely the best of the season, and debate ably one of the best ever.  for real though.
after you see it, there is a nice little clip with commentary on the amc site.
the dramatic story lines were great, but i can't stop thinking about the vintage howard johnson's that featured so prominently in this episode.  there was a hojo's in the town where i grew up, just off interstate 10 (or, "the ten" as we called it), but i never got to see it in it's orange and turquoise late 60s splendor. 
so perfect that megan just happened to be wearing coral to work that day!

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kate kelly said...

When can I come over to catch up on MM? Will you re-watch them with me??? Seriously!