plate & pitchfork

the farm that we buy our fancy eggs from was hosting plate & pitchfork dinners this weekend, and i won a pair of tickets!  g and i have always wanted to go, and the experience did not disappoint.  as we drove to champoeg farm, the skies cleared, the sun came out, and we were positively giddy!  we walked up to the tents where people were already gathered, got a glass of wine, ate a few delicious apps, and then refilled our glasses for a walking tour of the farm.  it was really cool to be out there with our chickens, and the farmer who raises them.
after our walk, we sat down to a fabulous meal that was being prepared under another tent just a few feet away from us by two of portland's top chefs.  throughout the meal, different people spoke to us about the food that they had so lovingly grown/raised that we were eating at the meal.  the entire experience was so very portlandia, and it was so amazing!
we ate our dessert by the light of the moon, then drove home full and happy.  i know we will be back for another plate & pitchfork next summer!

we ate under the white tent

"our" chickens and their house

farmer mark & one of his pigs


 the chefs & their kitchen

 rabbit with cherries and dandelion- best course of the meal, by far!

 perfect pasta with smoked salmon and nasturtiums

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lauren viera said...

this looks amazing. I want to go next year!