fashion police

after going without for an entire year, we got cable tv just in time to watch the entire fifth season of mad men.  i have a love/hate relationship with tv, but there are a few shows that make me so happy that the squandered time seems justified.  
you know how people talk about "comic relief," and "laughter being the best medicine?"    my weekly dose fashion police  is just that.  the supporting cast and their fashion commentary is fabulous, but it is all about joan rivers.  i could die over her one liners, and i love how she says whatever the fuck she wants.  she is so wonderfully inappropriate! 
if you are a fan of hers, and you haven't yet seen the documentary a piece of work, go out and watch it. even if you find her humor offensive, it's hard to not respect how hard she works and what a pioneer of comedy she is.

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tracy said...

as a teen i worked in a high end brunch place at a tahoe casino. i had the pleasure (cough) of having joan and her entourage as customers. she told me i had a big butt! her daughter and i were equally horrified, but everybody else laughed (including her boyfriend AND her husband...yes, she had BOTH!)