it's hard to believe that a week ago i was just getting home from an epic hawaiian vacation with my man.  i feel like there should be a word to explain the phenomenon where you come back from a fabulous trip, and drop back in to real life, and the trip feels like it was all just a dream...

 we arrived in honolulu late wednesday night

 our amazeballs hotel, the modern honolulu

 diamond head

 our spot= the chairs that are actually in the pool!

 pretty f-ing happy!


our weather!!

 sculpture in the hotel lobby

 diamond head

 iron chef morimoto has a restaurant in our hotel

 mango sorbet, poolside heaven

 citrus, coconuts, dragonfruit

 balcony at the modern

 headed to the north shore

 we had the beach to ourselves

 good times!

 sunset beach, north shore

 prettiest tennis court ever, turtle bay resort


 mountains on the windward side


 on the mountain, looking down at kailua


 i love the monkey pod trees

 duke kahanmoku, the "father of surfing"


 blue sky & yellow umbrellas on waikiki

 rental boards

 one last swim

 sunset on our last night

driving to the airport tuesday morning.

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Lauren Viera said...

so so so jealous of this amazing-looking trip! love the photo of you two -- you look so happy & relaxed. and I dig the new shades! xo