sad news for stumptown

the best thing about the  hawthorne bridge has always been the street performer who sits on the east side and entertains drivers as they wait to drive across.  i was sad to hear that this man who was such a delightful fixture of our quirky city has passed.  i didn't know that his name was kirk reeves until i read about his death, but his message of music and happiness was known to many.
i had the pleasure of photographing him at a unique portland wedding earlier this fall.  the groom had hired kirk to come do a surprise performance for his bride.  kirk did some magic tricks, acted out a marriage skit with puppets, got the couple involved with his signature expandable globe toy, and then got out his trumpet and played a version of "somwhere over the rainbow" that brought tears to my eyes.
rest in peace, kirk.
portland misses you already.

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erbeck family said...

how sweet of you to post about kirk. wish that i had the opportunity to hear him play.