it's craptacular!

this might not look like much to you, but it is kind of a big deal.  and i know that it's probably only exciting news for me (or any mama that shares a tiny bathroom with three little kids), but this is my blog, so i can post about what i want to, right?!

actually, it's what's missing from this photo that is what i am so excited about:
no more kiddie toilet seat!  to be more specific, no more gross kiddie toilet seat that i have to touch fifty times a day.  no more kiddie toilet seat that is on my bathroom floor, tripping me when i am half asleep.  no more kiddie toilet seat that doesn't really work that well anyway, no more kiddie pee on my toilet seat!

i wish i could say that i now have my very own bathroom (oh, a girl can dream!), but actually, i just discovered the best kiddie bathroom accessory ever:
TA DA! it's brilliant!  i seriously want to kiss whoever invented this thing.

ok, thanks for humoring me.  i promise not to write about toilet seats ever again.

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tracy said...

if this thing really works...and "no more kiddie pee on my toilet seat", then i'll be the first to sprint out to buy one! at this point, i keep clorox bathroom wipes in business.