oscar faves

i didn't actually get to watch the oscars last night (frowny-face) but you better believe i have looked at every photo of every dress that walked the red carpet- that's my favorite part anyway!
here are my winners, in no particular order...

 roberto cavalli's sequins done right

oscar de la renta grey goddess gown

 valentino's perfectly plunging black dress

 monique lhuillier's colored lace perfection


nicola said...

oh, me too! I love the fashion. beautiful art. maybe next year we should get together and fashion critique like they do on go fug yourself.com

To Blog or Not to Blog said...

I didn't watch either but saw some recaps and some pictures. I pretty much fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence!

erbeck family said...

luca enjoyed reviewing the fashion with me. he really like bright colored dresses (mom, you should get one of those). and this is what he had to say about Brandi Glanville's barely there bodice, "uh, umm...wow. mom her, you know, uh...these (points to my boobs) are showing. is that ok?" (his eyes were big and he was amazed)