santa cruz

i just got back from the most wonderful weekend with my sister in santa cruz, california.  it was sunny and gorgeous, and our fabulous hostess put us up at an amazing hotel right on the beach.  we ate, we drank, we visited, we even worked a little bit.  it was absolutely heavenly!
here are a few of my phone snaps from the weekend...

under the pier, cowell's beach

 white oregon feet meet warm califonia beach

santa cruz boardwalk

 view of the pier from our room

 we had to stop for a burger, obvs


mission style everywhere

 best coffee in santa cruz- this portland coffee bitch was impressed!

 sea lions! so awesome!

 downtown santa cruz 

early morning v-ballers

 my sister at work in her "office"

 our fab hotel- i can't wait to come back!

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, my college town :-)
Used to share a house close enough to the boardwalk that we could hear people scream on the rides. Did you ride the roller coaster?
- Jen