beautiful shasta county

i was just recently in redding, california with family, and though this city (town?)might not be at the top of your "places to see" list, there is so much beauty in this hot, dry part of my home state.

the sundial bridge was completed in 2004, and is absolutely stunning.  walking across the sacramento river on this beautiful sculpture was a treat.  when i was there, it was "the golden hour" at the end of the day (and still nearly 100 degrees!) and the light and the warmth in the air, combined with the scale and grace of the structure wooed me, for sure.

 lake shasta is the gem of the northernmost part of california.  it is vast, yet has so many little nooks and crannies that it can feel very private, too.  i walked on the dam for the first time, and loved seeing the lake from this point of view. 
it didn't hurt that the weather was hot and perfect, the oleander was in bloom and the water was the most perfectly inviting shade of turquoise.   sigh.

  i would think that redding is a place that often gets passed by, as people charge down interstate 5 on their way to other parts of the state, but for me, the lake and the bridge were places of beauty and serenity.  thank you, nor-cal!!

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