old dog/new tricks

so, as a thirty-something mother of three, i have decided that i need a new hobby.  i am excited to announce that i now own my very first mountain bike.  it is totally badass.  i however, am not.  but i am trying to learn how to be.  luckily, my sweet husband is patient(ish) and is happy to ride easy trails with me so that i can attempt to get it all figured out. 
we took my new ride out for it's first adventure last weekend.  i think i learned some mtb stuff, and even if i didn't, i had a lot of fun, got some exercise and vitamin d, and had a sweet date with my main dude. 

the views from the trails weren't too shabby...

i think it might be impossible to look sexy in a helmet.  just sayin.

beer tastes even better when you are sweaty and dusty, and your view is totes amaze..  definitely give this place a try if you are in in the neighborhood.


erbeck family said...

Proper! beer is one of the only reasons i mtb (gotta burn it off, may as well have fun).
can't wait to get our santa cruz bikes together for a ride.

Lauren Viera said...

I support this new hobby, which shall be called HVKMTB.