john gorham waved at me

the husband and i were headed to a holiday party friday night, but first, we popped over to interurban for snacks and cocktails.  it was to be their official re-opening (they opened a few weeks ago, and then closed after the kitchen was damaged by an electrical fire)  and it was the best celebrity moment i have had since chris noth/"big" and i scoped each other at LAX a few years back. 
i like to think that i don't care about fame, that i would judge someone with notoriety the same way i would judge anyone, but once in awhile, i drink the kool-aid.  john gorham just seems so cool!  he is a chef, a successful restaurateur, and is definitely a fixture here in portland where good food and heavy tattoos rule the scene.
interurban is a great spot- it's close to home, and age-appropriate cool.  we loved the turntables that have their own spot at the bar (john g himself was spinning that night), the amazingly curated on-tap selection (we have dan hart from prost! to thank for that) and it goes without saying that the food and drinks are amazing. 
thanks for the bourbon, john, and for waving at me.  interurban made my night.

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