lucky coffee

 i can make a heart, but not a monkey. 

when my man isn't traveling, he makes me my coffee first thing.  i am not a morning person, so this little ritual is actually a pretty big deal.  actually, it's essential.  that first americano in my hands helps me join the new day, and it is the first box to check on a long list that doesn't end until late each night.
this morning, as i wordlessly shuffled into baby girl's room, just minutes after opening my eyes, i heard a gasp from the kitchen.  we were out of coffee. 
without even having to ask, greg quickly dressed and headed out into the cold, dark morning.  he was back just a few minutes later, handing me a latte from one of my favorite spots (red e, if you must know) and beans to prevent this near-tragedy from happening for a few more days.  lucky me!

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