cocktails at kask

with three kiddos three and under,  it's not hard to imagine that i don't get out much.  but my outlook on the matter is "quality, not quantity!"  when i do make arrangements to have an evening out, it's kinda a big deal.  like, i want to hang with one of my besties and have amazing conversations preferably accompanied by superior food/drink/entertainment.  you get what i'm saying, right?
on one such night, not too long ago, i had the privilege of drinking at kask with my BFF.  we had never been before, and holy shit, was it an impressive first visit.  we sat at the bar, where the super knowledgeable tommy klus (voted best bartender in portland 2011) chatted us up, brought bottles down from the bar for us to scrutinize, did an impromptu mescal tasting just for us, and made the best cocktails i have ever had.  seriously, the drinks were so amazing that i grabbed a menu and started jotting notes- i was really that inspired (and maybe a bit tipsy, too).
you should definitely go if you get the chance...


lauren viera said...

ahem, return visit request next time I'm in town. :)

kate said...

You should rep for them. I'm sold. When can you show me around Kask's cocktail menu?