i have been wanting to create a magnetic wall on the landing between the kids' rooms for some time.  i haven't ever worked with magnetic primer before, and that was a learning experience- the stuff is really not like paint at all! 

the wall, before

the wall, primed with crazy magnetic paint- it works!

all done!  

i think it will be a great place to hang kid art, photos, and play with magnets!
another project completed!  i am on a roll here, people!


kate kelly said...

Oh wow, SO COOL. LOVE the color AND the functionality. You ARE on a roll, hvk!

Melissa said...

That is one awesome wall for the kiddos! I totally wanna copy your idea if you don't mind :)
Can I get any pointers?

lauren viera said...

I love it! Love the color; didn't realize you could paint over the basic black. very cool!

Terumi said...

Love love love it:) This is amazing!

Portland Sunshine said...

i don't see how or when you do it all?! thought of you yesterday at the childrens museum...my kids were loving these magnetic gears, they'd be so fun on that wall