my future photo wall

 i am completely gaga for family photos.  like, sometimes, i think that i have too many in our house,  but i just can't help myself!  so when i spotted this family photo wall in a modern, fabulous, super-$wanky home that was featured on apartment therapy, i took note:  this is how you display your collection of way-too-many snapshots in a chic way.  brilliant!
(love the green-geo print carpet and the lucite handrail, too)


Portland Sunshine said...

love it. doryn is a friend of mine from middle school. isn't her soho place INSANE!?!?! i'm loving it. also loving your new blog!

Angie Tabaczynski said...

i JUST saw this on modern family last night and thought to myself I am doing this if i have a house with a staircase! a love the mix of different frames showcasing your home!!!!

GREAT taste heather!!!