portlandia, a bit late

besides that there aren't enough hours in the day, i am rarely up-to-the-minute on television because
(a) i don't have cable
(b) i would actually prefer to watch an entire season in a few binge sittings
(c) watching commercials makes me want to kill
(d) sometimes too much hype and critical acclaim actually makes me avoid a show.  (weird, i know.)

when it came to portlandia, i really wanted to be on-trend.  i live here.  i eat where they eat, i live down the street from the feminist bookstore.  i watched all that there was to see on the IFC website, and even hunted around on youtube to make sure that i wasn't missing any other choice clips.  but it wasn't until this week, when the entire first season was added to the netflix streaming library, that i finally got to know the show.  and then i read the wonderful article about carrie brownstein in this week's new yorker, and i am now a huge fan.  even if i am a bit late.

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