bathroom refresh

our main floor bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house that hadn't been repainted since we moved in last year.  i liked the color, but the paint was in bad shape, and i was always so sad that the previous painter hadn't highlighted the nice trim around the top of the room.
last week the time was right: i brought home a gallon of paint, found a fun new shower curtain, and sourced a new light fixture.  the total cost was about $120,  and the work happened during two days worth of nap-times.


 i anguished over which shade of gray the room needed to be- what do you think?

 the new fixture over the sink is a big improvement from the rusty, faux-victorian-whatever-it-was

 i love the mod, colorful curtain (found it at homegoods)

 artwork by emmett (top) and magnolia (bottom)


Terumi said...

Love the bathroom:) And the artwork on the walls. Preschool artwork is SO precious! <3

sheena said...


PandC said...

WOW -- what a change -- for the better!
Really makes it a much "warmer" room.

lauren viera said...

love it; love the gray; love the artwork! & the shower curtain!