embroidery, elevated


i am really interested in embroidery and how it can be adapted in a modern way.  you might already know that i have a thing for jonathan adler's quirky, contemporary take on embroidery, and after seeing cayce zavaglia's work in the new issue of elle decor, i know for certain that this old craft has it's place in the modern art world.
zavaglia works from photographs, and "paints" with thread one stitch at a time.  (check out the detail and process shots here and here)  amazing, right?!
she also seems really cool and interesting- she is a stay at home mom of four kids and began working in this style of embroidery after becoming a parent.
i am especially interested in how artists-turned-mothers continue their work.  nikki mcclure is a nice example of that evolution:  she discovered that her now-famous cut paper compositions were the perfect medium to pick up and work on whenever she had spare time, and put down when her baby cried.
i am really hoping to see these gorgeous portraits in person someday!

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