GR!C, finally

summertime has been a huge distraction for me (who wants to be in an office editing photos when the weather is so awesome!?), but i am finally finishing the photos that i took when i was in chicago at the beginning of the season.  the first installment is from one of my favorite days of the trip- i accompanied my sister to girls rock! chicago, where she was teaching bass to a group of eight year old campers. if you want to see the images, i posted them here.
i was so impressed by the staff, the campers (girls ages 8-16) and the entire concept of a rock n' roll camp for girls, that i wanted to cry!  my four year old has already claimed, "i think i'll play the drums and cymbals!" when we talk about auntie lauren and this fabulous summer camp. 
girls DO rock!!

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lauren viera said...

thank you again for taking such amazing photos of that special first day! I always have the same reaction to GR!C: it makes me so happy/proud/inspired I get teary-eyed. You're lucky you didn't see the "Why I Rock" wall of little manifestos the girls put up later in the week -- total heart-melter.