i'm gellin'

having my nails painted makes me feel so damn put together.  i love doing it myself, but after about 48 hours, my nails are already chip-tastic.  somehow, when the pros at the nail shop do it, the polish lasts a few days longer.
last weekend, for the first time ever, i tried gels.  i didn't really know what the process entailed, but basically, the manicurist paints your nails with a special type of polish, and after each coat you put your hand into a dryer that looks like a tiny tanning bed.
omg, one week later my nails still look perfect!  it's kind of miraculous, especially considering that i am washingdiaperinggardeningplayingcleaning all day long.  my job is not the easiest on the nails, you know?
i might not have picked such a crazy color if i had known how long it was going to last!

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thesmallviking said...

i love these and your shorts!