nopo bar rally

my parents graciously babysat all three wee ones so that gk and i could have a much needed date night on saturday.  we began the evening with our first visit to NE alberta's aviary, and judging by the cocktails we had at the bar, i definitely want to go back for more.  (and i know the whole bird phenomenon/"put a bird on it"  is kinda played, but i still loved the three little birds that adorned aviary's menus and windows!)

next was a quick stop at the bye and bye, just down the street.  i like this place, and always have.  it has lots of distinct seating areas, and just feels good.  after a beer (anchor steam on tap!), we were off again.

we left alberta and northeast portland behind, and cruised to one of our favorite nopo spots- interurban. once again, it was amazing.  the place was packed, so we sat at the bar.  the service was top notch, and the food was even better.    we split the chuck roast sandwich, which is now my favorite meaty sandwich ever.  in the world.  it was soooo good!
a quick nightcap at the florida room (aka our bar, or the bar down the street) and it was time to go home and thank my parents. 
viva la date night!

they have the best marquee messages!

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